NFS’s goal is to improve quality of Nepali films and expand its market from village to global level.


Nepal Film Society has following objectives:
• To advance and promote Nepali art, culture and literature at national and international levels through Nepali films.
• To contribute for social transformation process by promoting human rights and social justice, peace and democracy and other concurrent issues through Nepali films and celebrities.
• To enahnce skills and knowledge of cine professionals and adapt modern technology to improve qulaity of Nepali films.
• To promote Nepal’s tourism through films.
• To explore and establish stake of Nepali films into international market and strengthen partnership, collaboration and professional ties between the cince professionals of Nepal and other countries.

Major Actions

Nepal Film Society shall undertake, not limited to, following actions:
• Organize national and international film festivals on various themes.
• Conduct seminars and workshops on various aspects of films.
• Design and manage campains, fairs and events to strengthen national unity, goodwill, identity, human rights, soical justice, democracy, peace and other relevant issues.
• Maintain archieve of films including comprehensive information data bank, collection of documnts and relevant materials pertaing to films.
• Undertake research and studies on Nepali art, culture and literatur relevant to films.
• Provide professional assistance to government of Nepal and other stakeholders for appropriate policies, laws and programs for the development of Nepali films.
• Organize events and occasions film professionals ehance knwoeldge and skills.